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Aug. 27th, 2014

I watched Deep Breath on Saturday and wow, I loved it!!! Didn't expect to see Matt Smith at the end, that was so touching. I know it's only one episode but Peter Capaldi is going to be an awesome Doctor! It's not that I didn't think he would be. I was so excited about him ever since he was announced to be the next Doctor a year ago. But after seeing him in the episode, I was like, his acting is amazing and yep, I know he'll definitely be one of my favorite Doctors. I also love the new theme which I've seen on youtube last year. I was surprised because I knew it was fan made and I even like it then. It's amazing the producers liked it and also Moffat. I never thought they would use a fan made theme but there were a lot of awesome intros that I thought, wow, the BBC should use one of them. The guy who made it, wow, he must be really, really thrilled! Can't wait for the next episode!

Robin Williams

I haven't updated my journal for a year now, wow! But now that I'm back I needed to talk about how I've been feeling since yesterday when I heard about Robin Williams death. I've also been diagnosed with depression, social anxiety and biopolar disorder for years now. Hearing about his suicide has really affected me a lot. He was hilarious as my favorite alien Mork in the 70's TV show "Mork and Mindy" and I followed his career ever since. He was brilliant in every movie I've seen and when I heard the news yesterday I couldn't believe it. I was like, no, no, it can't be true. Stunned and so sad. I knew he suffered from depression and this is the reason why mental health should be taken more seriously. People seem to ignore it or don't have the same compassion like they would for someone who has a physical illness. I've heard really negative things from some people who said he was a coward. Where is the compassion? Yes, depression can be so bad that you can get really overwhelmed. I know, I've felt like that many times. Mental illness does not discriminate. You can be famous and have it. Doesn't matter if you're beautiful (it's amazing that people think how can you be so depressed if you're good looking. Oh, like if you aren't attractive, it would make sense. That is so ignorant). You can be married and have children like Robin had. You could be of any race. I'm African American and there's still a stigma against mental illness in the black community, which is why for many years I felt I was so different in my family and around friends. Black people aren't immune to mental illness. No one is. Well, Robin is gone now and I'll miss him a lot. I feel so bad for his family and they will be in my prayers. RIP Robin, there will never be another brilliant comedian like you.


I've noticed I've been getting a lot of bruises and I didn't bump into anything. They just come out of nowhere. I can tell I'm getting a bruise because it'll hurt in a certain spot like on my arm and leg. And then the next day, it's a bruise. I've been getting them everyday and I did go to a Doctor. He asked if I had other symptoms and I said no. A blood test was done and it came back normal. I'm thinking, how am I getting bruises and my tests are normal? It doesn't make sense! Back in 2002, I was diagnosed with an autoimmune disease but I don't think that's it. This happened suddenly and I'm very concerned. The Doctor gave me a referral to see a dermatologist but what can he/she do? It's not a skin problem. So I'm not waiting for another referral. I'm going to see a hematologist. They usually do more tests besides a CBC. It has to something wrong. Even my hubby is concerned. :(


Peter Capaldi!!! The 12th doctor!

I know, I'm late to write about this...been busy most of the day. After reading an article of Capaldi, I was hoping it was him and not another young guy. When he was announced I was sooooo happy! I know he'll be a great Doctor and also, there wouldn't be all that 'soapy, crying I love you to the Doctor crap.' Well, we have to wait for a year to see him in the next series. It seems like we have to wait for everything...the 50th, Christmas special and now next August. Why couldn't it be the spring? At least that wouldn't be bad *sigh*


It's hot...again

For a week now it's been terrible. We've been under an excessive heat warning for a week and it's making me sick. I think this is the hottest July I've ever experienced and I hope it cools down soon.


It's hot!

I said I love the summer weather but not when there's an excessive heat warning and it's 95 degrees feeling like 105. I'm staying home and relaxing, drinking lots of water.


Happy 4th of July!

Denny and I going to see the fireworks later. Haven't seen them in a while so we decided to see it this year. It's hot and it's suppose to be hot from mow until next week. I don't mind, I love summer weather :)



If anyone wants to read my stories on ff.net, feel free. I don't want to put so many stories on my journal because then it will be cluttered. Enjoy!



Happy Anniversary!

Today is our anniversary! We've been married for 16 years and we bought a cake to celebrate. It's also the first day of summer yay!