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Someone on facebook posted this on her page. Radiantbaby, I hope you see this!



I posted my 'Regrets' fic on ff.net and I'm getting reviews! It's a one shot but some people are telling me it should be a full-length story and one person said update soon. I never thought I would get that reaction since there's not many 11/Martha fics. I think I could make it longer. I really feel good about it!


Jun. 13th, 2013

We watched Daleks in Manhattan and The Evolution of the Daleks. Great episodes! Well, that made me feel a little better.


I don't know. Feeling kind of down today. I think it's because of the weather. Every other day it rains and it's cool. This is June not April! Next week will be summer and I hope it won't have days like this. I'm not sure yet but we may watch more Doctor Who after Gridlock. I'm sure that will cheer me up.


I'm still working on "Family" my Ten/Martha fic and recently I've been challenged by someone on Facebook to write Eleven/Martha. It's different but I always loved to experiment with stuff! I just hope someone would read it.



I just found out that Matt Smith is leaving Doctor Who! He'll be in the 50th anniversary but in the Christmas special, he regenerates again. I was really liking him and now I'm wondering who's going to be the next Doctor. I feel like he hasn't been the Doctor long. I know he was the Doctor since 2010 but I think he should be in the show longer. I'll miss you, Matt.

Doctor Who Night

Denny and I watched season 3 "Smith and Jones" and every time I see it, I just love Martha more and more. It really was a shame that RTD wrote it that way. I've noticed when watching Runaway Bride, Ten treated her nicer even after he lost rose. You'd think it would be Donna he treated bad because she was the first person he met after Rose. Instead it was Martha, and I don't think that was right. That's why I ship them because in the fanfic world, they love each other.
This has been a cool Memorial Day weekend and I hate when it's cool. Good thing is next week it's going to be in the 80s, Yay! Last night Denny and I watched the Runaway Bride with Ten and Donna. I forgot how good that episode was. Now we're waiting to see Smith and Jones. I love Ten and Martha!!! I'm working on chapter 2 of my fanfic called, Family. I sent chapter 1 to my beta. Can't wait to post it!. I may post my first fic, 'I have something to say' but I have to make some changes.